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Melies D'Or - European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation

Abertoir is an adherent member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation

  • “Abertoir has the best movies, the best fans, the best Tromettes and the best sheep of any festival that Toxie and I have attended. Troma has changed it's name to Trom-Abertoir!”

    Lloyd Kaufman
  • “a festival that combines the three elements any guest hopes to have ... a varied and entertaining program, consideration for the time of both guests and attendees, and a stimulating series of events!”

    Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • “Many congratulations on the way you have developed your splendid festival. I think you have shown great imagination and flair in doing so and I wish you every success with it in the future ...”

    Robin Hardy
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, meeting so many of my father's fans, as well as my fellow guests ... The people are lovely, and the setting gorgeous ... Abertoir should be on any horror fan's bucket list!”

    Victoria Price
  • “a great little festival ... delivers not only the best of contemporary horror from the festival circuit, but also putting those films in a context, curating events that pay tribute to past masters...”

    Laurence R. Harvey
  • “Our midnight walk through the ruins of the castle and adjoining graveyard, under a full moon, was not only wonderfully spooky but like travelling back through time...”

    Gary Sherman
  • “highly recommended to any potential guest of honour like myself... the exciting and eclectic film programme and guest line-up, taking place at the wonderful and lively Arts Centre is to be experienced!”

    Catriona MacColl
  • “a group of serious professionals who are growing, year after year, a unique event, full of culture and entertainment, a magical region such as Wales and the severe and charming Irish Sea ...”

    Fabio Frizzi
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