10 Hyd 2021

2021 Poster + Third Batch of Programming!

We’re thrilled to unveil the Abertoir 2021 artwork!

As always, our artwork is hand-painted by local artist Peter Stevenson and is a reflection of just what to expect in this year’s festival!

We know you’re all waiting patiently for the full programme (we’re working very hard on finalising things, promise!) – so let’s drop a few more titles, shall we?

The poster’s a dead give away for some of our classics – we’re thrilled to welcome author Tony Dalton to the festival to celebrate the brilliant Terence Fisher, coinciding with the release of his authorized biography, Master of Gothic Cinema. This special presentation will be the middle part of a triple bill where we’re also screening Curse of Frankenstein and Revenge of Frankenstein, two of Terence Fisher’s – and Hammer’s - finest.

We’re also welcoming world-famous musician and silent film expert Neil Brand to Aberystwyth for a special talk leading us through the history of horror and music, alongside a live accompaniment to The Hands of Orlac!

This year’s Vincent Price film ties-in with our folk horror theme, with Cry of the Banshee (showing in it’s director’s cut) and we’re also thrilled to continue the Frankenstein theme this year with a midnight screening of Jess Franco’s Erotic Rites of Frankenstein. How could we not?!

Like your films a bit more extreme and challenging? We’re thrilled to add THE SCARY OF SIXTY FIRST and THE SADNESS to our physical line-up!

The Scary of Sixty First delves head-first into modern-day conspiracy theories when a pair of recent graduates find out just why the perfect apartment they’ve just moved into is so cheap. The Sadness is absolutely for the strong-stomached among you only, as a young couple desperately try to reunite as a deadly rage-inducing virus spreads in Taipei.

Joining the line-up of the virtual part of our festival is a unique special effects masterclass by renowned UK artist and director, Paul Hyett. This event is all thanks to long-time friend of the festival Natalie Boyd Baddeley! And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Gavin - he’ll be gracing computer screens across the country too for a Frankenstein themed talk done in his own unique style.

Also joining the virtual film programme are KEEPING COMPANY and DON’T SAY ITS NAME – both with post-film Q&As!

Keeping Company is an entertaining satire of the rat-race so many of us find ourselves in when two ambitious insurance salespeople find themselves targeted by a serial killer. The UK premiere of Don’t Say Its Name is a supernatural mystery rooted in the indigenous community of Canada, where a local sheriff must solve a series of murders that starts after the killing of an anti-mining activist.

Finally, one last film to convince you to buy a pass before they sell out…

Back in 1984, production began on a martial arts action movie set in New York, but after the production company went bankrupt before the film was completed, it was abandoned and forgotten. 40 years later, cult specialists Vinegar Syndrome found what was left (there was no script and no sound) and painstakingly stuck it together, recorded new dubbing and we are delighted to be presenting the full, schlocky masterpiece that is NEW YORK NINJA!

And you know what? That’s not even everything! We’ll have our full line-up ready to reveal soon and there’s are even more great horror to come.