Short Films Competition 2021

Each year Abertoir invites filmmakers from across the globe to submit short films for the Abertoir Short Film Competition. As always, the response has been phenomenal and it’s not possible to show all of the amazing entries. Here we present our shortlist.

There are  two prizes on offer. The first being the Abertoir Short Film prize, and the second is the Méliès d'argent awarded to the best European film.

As part of Abertor's role in the Méliès International Festivals Federation, our short film competition will award a Short Film Méliès d'argent. This is an internationally recognised prize specific to the Federation and is a testimony to the talented filmmakers in Europe. The winner of our Short Film Méliès d'argent will go forward to the final lineup at one of the major European festivals for the prestigious Méliès d'or Award for the Best European Fantastic Short Film. All our European short films are eligible.

This year's Short Film Competition will screen during the virtual part of the festival.

Melies D’Argent - European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation


Eugenio Villamar - United States - 2021 - 7:10

London 2091.  Two service androids, a male and a female, have been abandoned in an apartment after the city evacuation. After several decades, the female android wants to know what is outside the door.

It Came From the Kitchen!

Jessica Salgado - United States - 2021 - 7:46

A depressed young woman avoids the mess in her apartment until her takeout order arrives without utensils, forcing her to face the horrifying mess in her kitchen.

Childhood memories

Vincenzo Aiello - Switzerland - 2021 - 12:20

While moving in, a young woman finds a strange toy that will bring her back childhood memories.

The Dead Collectors

Brendan Cleaves - United Kingdom - 2021 - 12:51

During a pandemic in an alternate reality, two men have the job of collecting the deceased.

Good Girl

Dean Hewison - New Zealand - 2021 - 4:01
A professional dog walker, immersed in a self-help podcast, finds herself treading dangerous territory.


Nathan Crooker - United States - 2021 - 13:20

#Nofilter addresses the ever-growing issue surrounding Body Dysmorphic Disorder through the eyes of Beth, an insecure twenty-something, who becomes obsessed with an insidious filter, leaving her to question true beauty. It is a cautionary tale for all those obsessed by "likes," being flawless, and thinking that somehow social media is the magical cure-all for happiness.

A Tale Best Forgotten

Tomas Stark - Sweden - 2021 - 5:11

In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father, and his daughter, and the dog-headed man... A murder ballad.


Greg Hanson - United States - 2021 - 9:09

A gambling addict realizes he can literally cough up money but instead of paying off his old debts, he accrues horrible new ones.

Hiya Janice

Rob Hayes - United Kingdom - 2021 - 7:11

Office worker Declan is constantly getting himself trapped in skin-crawling conversations with his co-worker Janice. When he's confronted with a nightmare scenario, Declan is forced to choose between a fate worse than death...and a fate worse than death.

Ad Lib

Joseph Catté - France - 2021 - 11:06

Max and Julie are very much in love. Julie is rather jealous but Max knows nobody's perfect. Certainly not himself. Ad Lib is a romantic drama in the world of karaoke. A multi-faceted short movie, a story of appearances.


Alan Sahin - Switzerland - 2021 - 7:26

A young speeder is expected by the police at the hospital after a fatal car accident. He is desperately trying to deny his guilt. Yet, reality forces its way back into his consciousness.



Man Or Tree

Varun Raman & Tom Hancock - United Kingdom - 2021 - 4:00

In the wilderness, a tree begins to question whether it may actually be a man tripping on hallucinogens.

Vile & Sweet

Charles Vuolo - United States - 2021 - 9:10
A grieving woman is gifted a supernatural object: a strange music box that breaks the barrier between the living and the dead, with terrifying results.


Noboru Suzuki - Japan - 2021 - 13:14
A mysterious old woman who claims to be a 400-year-old vampire, and a con man who tries to swindle her out of money. What will happen at the end? A dialogic play that takes place at a coffee shop outside the town.


Imanol Ortiz López - Spain - 2021 - 9:35
Run... Go to the trash can down the hall... There is a bag inside... Open it... The elevator takes two minutes to reach the reception... That man better not reach his car alive!


Carlos Gómez-Trigo - Spain - 2021 - 6:30

Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?

They're Here

Sid Zanforlin - Canada - 2021 - 12:00

Unable to cope with the death of her grandmother, Sam becomes convinced that her body is harboring an alien being that must be removed. There is just one problem, nobody believes her, and instead suspect Sam of trying to murder her grandma.

The Tale of the Green Cheese

Noah Erni - Switzerland - 2021 - 4:48

A peasant lives an idyllic life in the Swiss alps, until one of his goats gives birth to a kid that doesn't look like it should.

Koreatown Ghost Story

Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum - United States - 2021 - 14:52

In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.

The Killer in Cursed Water

Laurent Ardoint & Stephane Duprat- France - 2021 - 14:50

Cindy and Quentin are spending a romantic week-end by a lake. But a killer is prowling and he could hide a greater threat.


David J. Ellison - United Kingdom - 2021 - 10:00

It is 1942, in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, Richard Mason is the Familiar to a hideous ancient vampiric creature living in the bowels of an isolated mansion. Every day he must bring a new victim for it to feed on and tolerate its physical and mental abuse.


Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola - Switzerland - 2021 - 5:00

The morning after a wild party, David and Oscar discover that their roommate Robin is still dancing.
What the heck is going on?

The Thing That Ate The Birds

Sophie Mair & Dan Gitsham - United Kingdom - 2021 - 11:52

On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.