Events 2021

Hammer & Beyond (Book Launch) + Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Peter Hutchings's Hammer and Beyond: The British Horror Film remains a landmark work in British film criticism. This year, a new, illustrated edition brings the book back into print for the first time in two decades. Hammer and Beyond deserves a spot on the bookshelf of anyone with a serious interest in the development of Britain's contribution to the horror genre.  Here at Abertoir we’ve been glad to call the late, great Peter Hutchings a firm friend of the festival, and it’s a pleasure to welcome film historian Johnny Walker – editor of the new edition – to launch the…

Linda Hayden in Conversation

Without a doubt the queen of British cult cinema of the 70s, Linda Hayden reigned the silver screen in films from Hammer, Tigon and Amicus, starred in what would become a video nasty, and was the leading lady of sex comedies. All this in a 10-year period and before she even turned 30…! We’re thrilled to welcome Linda to Abertoir to celebrate and incredible contribution to horror and to hear first-hand her experiences as an icon of cinema.  Includes a screening of Blood on Satan's Claw.  

Neil Brand: The Sound of Horror + The Hands of Orlac (live accompaniment)

How have composers set out to make us uneasy, fill us with dread and match the jump-shot with music that makes us susceptible to Horror? From the Universal monsters of the 30s, through silence, electronica, the avant-garde modernism of Hammer, names like John Carpenter and Dario Argento, up to today’s ubiquitous mix of music and sound design, Neil Brand takes us through the great scores that have brought the dead back to life... Followed by a live piano performance to the classic silent masterpiece The Hands of Orlac.  

Nicko and Joe's Bad Film Club #1

Comedians Nicko and Joe know terrible cinema better than anyone, and we like to drag them here in order to demonstrate some true cinematic shit for you, complete with their own, very special, very silly live commentary. Regulars know what to expect by now – verbal abuse, free sweets and a truly terrible film!  This will be film #1...if you think you can handle some more, join us in the virtual part of the festival for a completely different, and still completely awful, movie nightmare!

Tony Dalton on Terence Fisher

Beginning with The Curse of Frankenstein in 1957, Terence Fisher was largely responsible for the popular series of Hammer Gothic styled horror that dominated the genre in the 1950s and 1960s.  The brand new book from author Tony Dalton, Terence Fisher - Master of Gothic Cinema, is a personal analysis of the man and his films from the point of view of film history and as a friend.  Before he directed those now cult pictures, Terence Fisher he had a very long, outstanding and distinguished career in film, first as a clapper boy, then as an assistant editor and then…