Come True


  • Director Anthony Scott Burns
  • Cast

    Landon Liboiron

    Skylar Radzion

    Julia Sarah Stone 

  • Country Canada
  • Language English
  • Running time 105 minutes
  • Year 2020

Dark dreams plague Sarah, a thoughtful and rebellious young woman. These are all hard things to be at the age of 18, and she’s in trouble at school and unable to go home. With nowhere left to turn, the lure of a safe place to rest, and the bonus of getting paid to for it, make a local sleep study irresistible. After one night under the watchful eye of a small group of scientists, Sarah begins to see things from her dreams in her waking life. As her visions worsen over the course of the study, and before she, or any of the scientists can effectively react, Sarah becomes the unknowing conduit to a horrifying new discovery.

Anthony Scott Burns’ sophomore feature takes the terrifying blend of science and the spirit which was seen in Our House and turns it up a several notches in this highly anticipated film. With its intensely scary sequences, a dark synth score and twisting plot, Come True will certainly be keeping you awake…!