History of the Occult


  • Director Cristian Ponce
  • Cast

    Germán Baudino

    Nadia Lozano

    Héctor Ostrofsky

  • Country Argentina
  • Language English subtitles
  • Running time 82 minutes
  • Year 2020

It’s the final broadcast of ‘60 Minutes to Midnight’, the most famous journalism show on TV. Tonight’s guest is Adrian Marcato, who might expose a conspiracy that links the Government with an actual Coven. Meanwhile, a group of journalists will run against time to locate an object that will allow Marcato’s confession on the air. They’ll have to rely not only on their knowledge of the job, but also on other, less usual, methods.

This otherworldly political thriller tackles some very modern concepts in a stunningly noirish style, without ever veering into parody. A film that both demands and requires your full attention, this eerie film throws corruption, fake news and the devil himself into the light. This is truly an original film that you won’t want to miss.