• Director Lloyd Kaufmann
  • Cast

    Ron Jeremy

    Catherine Corcoran

    Debbie Rochon

  • Country USA
  • Language English
  • Running time 92 minutes
  • Year 2020

The Opioid Epidemic is destroying America. Legendary director Lloyd Kaufman celebrates Troma’s 45th and his 50th year making movies, by taking on Big Pharma, addiction and the intolerance of social media in #ShakespearesShitstorm. This irreverent musical adaptation of “The Tempest” is ripe with bawdy couplets, Hieronymus Boschian images of excess and unrefined iambic pentameter.

It's hardly breaking new ground for Troma to go on the full offensive, but in #ShakespeareShitstorm Lloyd Kaufmann tackles its most recent iteration by taking on the gamut of online cancel culture personalities – from misguided white saviours to the corrupt capitalist machine. Is Lloyd laughing with or at the oppressed? Do we ever know? What we do know is that #ShakespeareShitstorm might just be one of the finest adaptations of the Bard’s works in the recent memory!