The Reckoning

  • Director Neil Marshall
  • Cast

    Charlotte Kirk

    Joe Anderson

    Sean Pertwee

  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Running time 110 minutes
  • Year 2020

It is 1665, and the plague sweeps across England leaving panic and desperation in its wake. The righteous Judge John Moorcroft scours the land for the witches who have aided the devil in raising this pestilence. He finds Grace, who lost her mother to him twenty years prior, and newly a mother herself. A series of brutal tests await her at the hands of the Judge. Can Grace endure, or will she crumble and leave her female descendants forever marked for death?

This over-the-top witchfinder film is perfect for those of us longing for folk horror less thoughtful and more bawdy. Nearer Virgin Witch than Witchfinder General, this is a campy throwback that thoroughly entertains.