42nd Street: The Director’s Cut – A Presentation by Gaz Bailey

We’ve all seen those familiar images of garish marquees advertising all night Kung-Fu triple bills and ‘Swedish Documentaries’, and we’ve all heard of the crime and corruption that accompanies the wild west of cinema-going, but what do we really know of 42nd Street?

This special talk from festival director Gaz will span the entire history of America’s most notorious street, from barren farmland to the bright lights of Broadway; from gangs and grindhouses to Disney commercialism: 42nd Street has seen it all.  

We look at the surprising stories, the shocking corruption at the highest levels, the colourful characters and the complex history of those famous marquees that we are so familiar with today.  

Back in 2016, Abertoir was celebrating the world of New York’s 42nd Street.  As part of that, we attempted to present a comprehensive look at its history, yet there was far too much to cover in a short time and most of it was sadly cut out. So, this year, finally, with the benefit of hindsight and a longer running time, Gaz will be giving the full presentation, available throughout the festival on demand.