Planet of the Vampires

  • Director Mario Bava
  • Cast

    Barry Sullivan

    Norma Bengell

    Angel Aranda

    Evi Marandi

  • Country Italy
  • Language English
  • Running time 88 minutes
  • Year 1965
  • Age rating 15

When a crew of unsuspecting astronauts intercepts a distress call from a distant world, the stage is set for a terrifying expedition into the beyond. What seems like a desperate cry for help leaves the space travellers trapped on a shadowy planet, where each is taken over by a diabolical force intent with an evil plan beyond their worst nightmares. This dazzling mixture of suspense, sci-fi and full-blooded horror film from cinematic maestro Mario Bava inspired decades of chilling alien classics (yes, including that one!) and now proudly stands as one of the most electrifying, visually stunning cult classics of Italian filmmaking’s golden age