Fulci for Fake

UK PREMIERE + Q&A with Giada Mazzoleni and Antonella Fulci

  • Director Simone Scafidi
  • Cast

    Nicola Nocella

    Antonella Fulci

    Camilla Fulci

    Fabio Frizzi

  • Country Italy
  • Language Italian (with English subtitles)
  • Running time 90 minutes
  • Year 2019
  • Age rating 18

40 years since the production of his greatest international success, Zombi 2, the cinema, the life and universe of Lucio Fulci return to the big screen directed by Simone Scafidi, who directs the first biopic on the life of the Roman director known worldwide as 'The Godfather of Gore'. Fulci For Fake tells of the art, the passions and the human side of Lucio Fulci, speaking with his family and former collaborators (some never interviewed before), and bringing to light totally new photos, audio and video materials.

Taking an innovative approach to the documentary format, Fulci For Fake has a unique framing device: an actor who has to play the role of Fulci in a film prepares by meeting those who have known and worked with the great director. The film features Fabio Frizzi, Michele Romagnoli, Sandro Bitetto, Enrico Vanzina, Sergio Salvati, Michele Soavi, Paolo Malco, Berenice Sparano and Davide Pulici. Perhaps giving greatest insight into the director’s life and work are his daughters, Camilla and Antonella Fulci.

We are of course thrilled to welcome the film's producer Giada Mazzoleni as well as Lucio's daughter Antonella Fulci to Abertoir to talk about the film.