Donald Pleasence: Portraits Of Affection, Eccentricity & Mischievousness

Oct 5th 2019 marks the centenary of the birth of Donald Pleasence. 

A career that spanned over 45 years from stage to screen, adored by theatre and cinema critics, Donald Pleasence was undoubtedly one of the most widely known British character actors.

With nearly 150 movies on his filmography, and countless television credits, Donald Pleasence defied typecasting and relished his reliability to engross himself into eccentric roles and quirky characterisations – from a James Bond super-villain to a dodgy bookie, from mischievous tramp to a dictatorial President of the United States, from Prisoner of War to Henrich Himmler.

Independent scholar & writer Tristan Thompson presents an insightful, informative and affectionate tribute to Donald Pleasence – the man, the actor, the films and his portraits of affection, eccentricity and mischievousness.