Barking Mad - Gavin Baddeley on Lycanthropy for Fun and Profit

What would happen to somebody who binged some 200 werewolf movies in a few short months? In the name of medical science - and because he'd been asked to write a book about cinematic shapeshifters - author and Abertoir regular Gavin Baddeley did just that. The first thing he discovered was that while lazy filmmakers just squirted some ketchup on their mates and made another zombie snoozefest, or tied an actress to a chair and shot another shitty home invasion turkey, it takes a special kind of crazy to decide to make a low budget werewolf movie. But we prefer crazy to lazy, so allow Gavin to take you on a lurid tour of cinema's weirdest bouts of full moon lunacy, from Jackalman perverts and Nazi SS shapeshifters, to lycanthropic nuns and werewolf Man United fans. Gavin will also be signing copies of the book to prove he actually completed it!