Gary Sherman Masterclass

Creating the Illusion: Poltergeist III and the Secrets of Practical Special Effects

In an age where special effects are created by a computer long after shooting has finished, where actors react to nothing against a green screen, and literally anything can happen at the push of a button – the ability to create real practical special effects is a truly skilled art form.

Many horror films of the past have relied on a dedicated team of specialists to bring nightmarish creations to life and director Gary Sherman is one of them. His 1988 film Poltergeist III, the final film in the famous trilogy, was notable for its extensive use of “in camera” trickery and complicated special effects, all done on set and for real.

In this very special masterclass, Gary is joining us to reveal how his team pulled off an extraordinary rosta of unbelievable tricks, and along with some great stories, explains the behind the scenes secrets of how to be creative and bring the unimaginable to life.

Gary Sherman is a well-established writer, director and producer whose catalogue also includes Vice Squad, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Dead and Buried and cult favourite Death Line.