The Slumber Party Massacre

  • Director Amy Holden Jones
  • Cast

    Michelle Michaels

    Robin Stille

    Debra Deliso

    Gina Mari

  • Country USA
  • Language English
  • Running time 77
  • Year 1982
  • Age rating 18

18-year old Trish’s parents are away for the weekend, so she invites three of her best friends from the high school girls’ basketball team over for a slumber party. While their boyfriends try to sneak in, and the next-door neighbours keep an eye on things, little do the girls know that a drill-wielding escaped maniac is on the loose and headed their way…

Based ostensibly on a screenplay by feminist author Rita Mae Brown, Amy Holden Jones’ slasher satire is at once a piss-take and one of the most entertaining examples of the genre. Working for Roger Corman, Jones’ ticks the requisite boxes - T, A, and buckets of blood – but the film is nevertheless infused with a delicious sense of subverting everything that makes the slasher so popular. The Slumber Party Massacre is a rare beast: a simultaneously exploitative and subversive horror film.