Party Hard, Die Young


  • Director Dominik Hartl
  • Cast

    Elisabeth Wabitsch

    Michael Glantschnig

    Valerie Huber

    Antonia Moretti

  • Country Austria
  • Language German (English subtitles)
  • Running time 90
  • Year 2018
  • Age rating 18

Finally graduated and off to Croatia, it’s supposed to be the party of their lives - but for Julia and her friends their graduation trip turns into a nightmare as one by one they’re picked off by a mysterious assailant. It’s up to Julia to work out who, from the hundreds of party-goers on the island resort, is the one murdering her friends.

Party Hard, Die Young is a straight-forward, modern-day slasher: the summer camp is now an island rave and no matter how enthusiastic the killer, they’re never going to kill off this many teens partaking in sex and drugs. Good thing the killer has their sights set on a smaller sample – Julia and her friends are your average teenagers, and, well, we’ll let you decide for yourself if they’re annoying or not. With a loud soundtrack and impressive gore, be sure to switch your brain off, sit back, and enjoy the party.