Short films competition 2017

Over a number of months earlier in the year, Abertoir has been receiving short films for our competition. The response was phenomenal, we had entries from all over the world but sadly there just wasn't enough room to show all of the excellent entries. The final selection will be screened during the festival and we're sure you will agree that the quality of the work has never been better!

There will be two prizes on offer. The first being the Abertoir prize, and the second is the Méliès d'Argent (only for European films).

As part of Abertor's role in the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, our short films competition will award a Short Film Méliès d'Argent. This is an internationally recognised prize specific to the European Federation and is a testimony to the talented filmmakers in Europe. The winner of our Short Film Méliès d'Argent will go forward to the final lineup at one of the major European festivals for the prestigious Méliès d'Or Award for the Best European Fantastic Short Film. All our European short films are eligible.

Melies D’Argent - European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation

A Father's Day

(Mat Johns, UK 2016, 10 mins)

Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead.

Devil Town

(Nick Barrett, UK 2016, 15 mins)

Patrick Creedle, one of London's rudest letting agents, is told it's the end of the world by a homeless street-preacher; Patrick is sceptical of course - but today he's about to be shown the proof.

Event Horizon

(Joséfa Celestin, France/Scotland 2017, 11 mins)

Summer 1997, in a small village of Scotland where nothing ever happens and the days all resemble themselves, a strange cosmic event comes to disrupt Julianne’s boring everyday life.


(Shelagh Rowan-Legg, UK 2017, 6 mins)

On the battlefield, blood will flow....

Holy F__k

(Chris Chalklen, UK 2017, 9 mins)

A darkly erotic and comedic short film about a demon and an exorcist’s deadly sexual tangle towards release.

L'ora del buio

(Domenico de Feudis, Italy 2017, 11 mins)

A little girl is captive to a mysterious abductor. There is only one way to save herself: call for help.


(Katie Bonham, UK 2017, 15 mins)

A magical realism short that uncovers the sacrifices people make to take control of their lives and the evil that lurks in the darkness of desperation.


(Joan Cobos, UK/Spain 2017, 11 mins)

Roake is a prolific yet abrasive photographer. One picture by him will catapult you to the top of the ‘A’ list, but at a terrible cost.

Twinky Doo's Magic World

(Alessandro Izzo, Italy 2017, 11 mins)

Four robbers take refuge in a warehouse, after a heist gone bad at Twinky Doo’s Magic World, a theme park for families. The police have surrounded the place, but the real threat is not outside.

We Summoned a Demon

(Chris McInroy, USA 2017, 6 mins)

They just wanted to be cool but instead they got a demon.

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