The Bloodstained Shadow

  • Director Antonio Bido
  • Cast

    Stefania Casini

    Lino Capolicchio

    Craig Hill

  • Country Italy
  • Language English
  • Running time 109 mins
  • Year 1978
  • Age rating 18

Stefano (Lino Capolicchio) a college student, returns to the small venetian island of Murano to visit his brother Don Paolo, a priest.  Once there, he finds that Don Paolo has been deeply upset by a local fake medium and her ungodly clients: a gambler, a paedophile/atheist, and an illegal abortionist. When they start getting slaughtered one by one and Don Paolo witnesses one of the murders, Stefano attempts to find the killer before both he and his brother become the next victims.

A lesser known giallo and so a prime contender for inclusion in our lineup, taking a step back from the most widely talked about titles to enjoy something a bit different. The Venice locations are perfect for this brooding and gripping thriller, echoing the atmosphere and menace of Don’t Look Now, with a plot that twists and turns in every direction possible. Look out for an appearance by Stefania Casini (who you may recognise as Sara from Suspiria), some great set pieces including a canal boat chase with the killer and an awesome soundtrack from Stelvio Cipriani that sounds like Goblin in all but name!

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