Dark Corner VR Experiences

Welcome to the darkest part of virtual reality...Dark Corner is a creative content studio producing some of the most provocative and immersive VR experiences in the world.

In order to experience any of the films below, you will need to book a slot during the festival itself at the reception desk.

THE PEELER (Harrison Norris, 2017, 6 mins)
Strapped to a gurney in a murderous psychopath’s warehouse, your only hope of survival lies in the hands of another escaped captive.

NIGHT NIGHT (Guy Shelmerdine, 2017, 7mins)
It’s time to drift off to dreamland…but first your mom is going to read you a short bedtime story. Take a journey into your childhood nightmares with Dark Corner’s newest sense-stunning immersive experience.

CATATONIC (Guy Shelmerdine, 2015, 5mins)
This pioneering horror experience places you in the POV of a new patient as you are welcomed into a sinister psychiatric hospital…

BURLAP (Justin Denton, 2016, 3 mins)
Step inside the lair of a lonely and disturbed killer as he comes closer than ever to completing his masterpiece.

THE INVISIBLE MAN (Hugo Keijzer, 2016, 10 mins)
Nick and Kid are two low-level criminals trying to pull one over on Frank, a notorious mobster boss. Then suddenly Frank shows up at their hideout, with an idea for a sadistic game of revenge…

KNIVES (Adam Cosco, 2017, 16 mins)
Kelsey Frye suspects that something is amiss with her husband. When a door-to-door knife salesman comes calling, he seems to offer her the perfect solution. Little does she realize that their encounter just might rip a hole in the time-space-continuum.

SONAR (Philipp Maas & Dominik Stockhausen, 2015, 6 mins)
A drone receives a strange signal while exploring an uncharted asteroid, which holds a secret even darker than space itself…

11:57 (Henrik Leichsenring & Sofia Gillström, 2014, 4 mins)
An immersive horror experience where you find yourself tied up and abandoned in a haunted basement.

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