Deadman Inferno: Tokyo Yakuza Apocalypse


  • Director Hiroshi Shinagawa
  • Cast

    Shô Aikawa
    Daisuke Miyagawa
    Noemi Krapecz

  • Country Japan
  • Language Japanese (Eng subs)
  • Running time 64mins
  • Year 2016
  • Age rating 18

Last year’s Audience Award winner was the brilliant and hilarious Japanese zombie-comedy Deadman Inferno.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered they’d made a prequel, and our disappointment to learn it had never been available for release outside of Japan…. this was a challenge we couldn’t possibly resist! 

So team Abertoir has been diligently translating this violent Yakuza-themed comedy ourselves, and are proud to be screening, for the first time anywhere in the world, the only subtitled version of the film in existence. For those who loved Deadman Inferno, join us for this exclusive prequel, spiced up with a liberal dose of Abertoir’s own vast collection of swear words and profanities!