Blood on Méliès' Moon

UK PREMIERE + Q&A with Luigi Cozzi

  • Director Luigi Cozzi
  • Cast

    Luigi Cozzi
    Lamberto Bava
    Barbara Magnolfi

  • Country Italy
  • Language Italian (Eng Subs)
  • Running time 110mins
  • Year 2016
  • Age rating 18

In modern Rome,  “Star Crash” director Luigi Cozzi (hilariously playing himself) runs “Dario Argento’s Museum of Horrors”.  When weird, psychic events lead him to discover that a French inventor had patented the very first motion picture camera ever, several years before the Lumière brothers, it begins an epic odyssey into a parallel worlds’ eerie mystery in which Luigi himself might hold the key to saving the world from total destruction!

If you don’t know who Luigi Cozzi is then it’s fair to say this film might leave you completely baffled (we highly recommend you check out Star Crash!). His first film in 27 years and crammed with plenty of nods to Luigi’s own career (it even stars Lamberto Bava!), this is part love-letter to fantastic films, and part self-deprecating joke. Blood on Méliès' Moon is a film made by a passionate filmmaker having far too much fun at his own expense, and there’s no doubt that we’ll all have just as much fun watching it!