• Director Felipe M. Guerra
  • Cast

    Luigi Cozzi

  • Country Brazil
  • Language Italian (Eng Subs)
  • Running time 64mins
  • Year 2016
  • Age rating 18

A feature-length documentary about the life and career of Italian director Luigi Cozzi and his obsession with science fiction and fantasy. Luigi Cozzi loved sci-fi and fantasy since childhood, and his dream was to one day become a director of this kind of movie. Over five decades, Cozzi pursued his dream facing tight budgets, greedy producers and modified scripts. His story, told through his films, is a story about the obsession of a man for making science fiction films in a country that did not care for it.

Fantasticozzi is the result of more than twelve hours of interviews and material shot by Brazilian journalist and independent filmmaker Felipe M. Guerra, during a visit of Luigi Cozzi to Brazil in 2010. It's probably the most complete retrospective of the life and the work of this cult director. The result is funny, full of adventure and fantasy, and almost incredible – like Cozzi’s life itself!  Prepare to learn a lot of things you perhaps never knew, and to finally appreciate Luigi Cozzi as the truest unsung hero of Italian cinema!