The Inerasable


  • Director Yoshihiro Nakamura
  • Cast

    Yuko Takeguchi
    Ai Hashimoto
    Kuranosuke Sasaki
    Kentaro Sakaguchi
    Kenichi Takitoh

  • Country Japan
  • Language Japanese (Eng subs)
  • Running time 107mins
  • Year 2016
  • Age rating 18

Everything starts from a letter. One day, a novelist receives a letter from Ms. Kubo, a university student. She writes of strange noises she hears in her apartment. Ms. Kubo investigates the history of the building and discovers that a series of previous tenants have all been victims of an unknown force which has driven some of them to suicide and even murder after they moved out of the apartment block. Why did they die miserable deaths after leaving? The author and the student learn the shocking truths of what happened many decades ago at the eerie and cursed apartment block.

With The Inerasable Yoshihiro Nakamura gives the traditional Japanese ghost story a shot in the arm, employing an unusual narrative structure which results in a truly gripping and frightening supernatural investigation. Starring Yūko Takeuchi (who can also be seen in Creepy) as the novelist who narrates the film and up-and-coming actress Ai Hashimoto (who has an impressive number of genre credits to her name already) as the student, the central pairing becomes increasingly, irresistibly drawn into a dark history, and we’re drawn in right beside them.