A Dark Song

+ Q&A with Liam Gavin and Eoin O'Faolain

  • Director Liam Gavin
  • Cast

    Catherine Walker
    Steve Oram

  • Country UK/Ireland
  • Language English
  • Running time 100mins
  • Year 2016
  • Age rating 18

Sophia, renting an old mansion in the remote Welsh countryside, hires an occultist (played by Steve Oram) in order to perform an ancient ritual so that she can speak to her dead child.  The gruelling ritual begins to test their sanity and even their souls when Sophie’s real intentions are revealed…

Steve Oram is becoming something of a regular fixture at Abertoir, following screenings of Sightseers (2012), The Canal (2014) and Aaaaaaaah! (2015). Here he is one half of an intense double-hander, in which two very different people toy with the supernatural, driven by grief and rage in equal measure. A Dark Song is an exceptionally strong debut feature from writer-director Liam Gavin.