New York Ripper

  • Director Lucio Fulci
  • Cast

    Jack Hedley
    Almanta Suska
    Howard Ross
    Andrea Occhipinti
    Paolo Malco
    Alexandra Delli Colli

  • Country Italy
  • Language English
  • Running time 90mins
  • Year 1982
  • Age rating 18

Quack quack quack! Finally, a serial killer who talks like a duck! Who’d have thought it? Well, Lucio Fulci of course! These days, as Fulci is being treated with reverence among critics and fans alike, it’s easy to forget that he once had a distinct reputation of being sadistic, brutal and notorious. Well, we’re happy to be screening his most infamous film, and proudly restoring that crown of controversy that we know and love him for.

What better choice (in addition to Maniac) to celebrate our festival’s theme of 42nd Street? This is the ultimate in depravity and sadism, a tour de force of New York’s seediest underbelly in a deeply unpleasant film about the hunt for a serial killer brutally murdering women. We can’t really over-exaggerate the experience of watching New York Ripper: imagine yourself visiting the seediest, sleaziest den on The Deuce, sitting down nervously and watching 90mins of Lucio Fulci at his most sadistic best. You’ll feel dirty after watching this, and you deserve it. Welcome to 42nd Street!