Straight to VHS


  • Director Emilio Silva Torres
  • Country Uruguay/Argentina
  • Language subtitles
  • Running time 76 minutes
  • Year 2021

Act of Violence in a Young Journalist is an obscure Uruguayan film shot and released on VHS in 1989. Becoming almost revered, it lives under a mantle of mystery and exotic theories about its creator, Manuel Lamas, of whom nothing is known.

This film sets out to unveil the mystery that exists about Lamas and his work, delving into the cult of fanatics, dark myths and lost VHS cassettes in a way that dissolves the limits of reality and fiction.

A fascinating portrait of an unfamiliar cult object and an exploration of what it means to obsess over people we know nothing of, Straight to VHS is not your average documentary. Blending truth and fiction in a truly indiscernible way, this is a captivating mystery.