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Wales’ International Horror Festival

10 - 15 November 2015, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

Ghost Graduation

Ghost Graduation
(Promocion Fantasma)


Modesto is a teacher who has the misfortune to be able to see dead people. Not only has this cost him a fortune at the psychiatrist, but it’s also gotten him fired from every school he’s ever worked at. His luck changes when he gets offered a job at a prestigious school, except that five students in particular are causing havoc in the hallways. Determined to help them to pass their senior year and get out of there once and for all, he begins with earnest. But it won’t be that easy...they’ve been dead for over twenty years.

It might not sound the most appealing story to the seasoned horror fan, but this extremely entertaining Spanish comedy has a sparkling sense of humour that lifts it high above the rest. On paper it seems immediately destined for the gutter of bland comedies that are infesting DVD shelves around the world, but this is far from it. Slick, satirical and very clever, it managed to pull off a miracle by creating a crowd-pleasing film that not only is extremely funny, but is something that you might have overlooked completely (it’s got “American remake” written all over it).


Javier Ruiz Caldera


Raúl Arévalo
Alexandra Jiménez
Javier Bódalo



Running time





7th Nov


  • Laurence Harvey

    The Abertoir Festival is a great little festival that 'punches above its weight', in terms of delivering not only the best of contemporary horror from the festival circuit, but also putting those films in a context, curating events that pay tribute to past masters. The mix of films, music and live presentations give it the feel of a convention. And most of all the setting. Seaside resorts out-of-season have a haunting beauty, Aberystwyth has its own 'bubble'. It's like being in The Village and loving it!
  • Catriona MacColl

    I can truly say that I was treated like a queen from beginning to end and that I loved every minute of it !! 'Abertoir' is to be highly recommended to any potential guest of honour like myself. The contrast between the peaceful, extremely comfortable and beautiful accommodation in the hills above the town and the exciting and eclectic film programme and guest line-up (never a dull moment) taking place at the wonderful and lively Arts Centre is to be experienced.The welcome and level of cooperation from Gareth and his team is four-star. Thank you SO much- I just hope that one of my recent projects will be selected in the future and that I can come back again I had such a nice time. You made me feel like I'm part of the family...!!
  • Fabio Frizzi

    To participate in the Abertoir Horror Festival made me discover many things, a group of serious professionals who are growing, year after year, a unique event, full of culture and entertainment, a magical region such as Wales and the severe and charming Irish Sea.  A reality from which I immediately felt adopted.
  • Gary Sherman

    The week we spent in Aberystwyth was truly one of the most enjoyable trips my wife and I have ever had. The town and surrounding countryside are charming, magical and incredibly beautiful. The people were fabulously friendly and sincerely hospitable. The food was surprisingly fantastic. Our midnight walk through the ruins of the castle and adjoining graveyard, under a full moon, was not only wonderfully spooky but like travelling back through time. The only thing I found a lack of in Wales was... vowels!
  • Robin Hardy

    Many congratulations on the way you have developed your splendid festival. I think you have shown great imagination and flair in doing so and I wish you every success with it in the future. Vicky and I thank you for an extremely pleasant visit.
  • Lloyd Kaufman

    Abertoir has the best movies, the best fans, the best Tromettes and the best sheep of any festival that Toxie and I have attended. Troma has changed it's name to Trom-Abertoir!
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis

    Here at last is a festival that combines the three elements any guest hopes to have but seldom sees in concert - a varied and entertaining program... consideration for the time of both guests and attendees... and a stimulating series of events. For attendees, the Program Guide itself has value beyond the modest admission fee. I know I speak for others such as Doug Bradley, when I say, loudly and clearly: Thank you, Abertoir!
  • Victoria Price

    My trip to Abertoir was the finale of my Vincentennial tour--and what a perfect ending to an extraordinary year it was.!I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, meeting so many of my father's fans, as well as my fellow guests. But it was my trip to Wales that was the highlight. Aberysthwyth is a wonderful seaside town. The people are lovely, and the setting gorgeous. I even had glorious weather. The organizers of the festival treated me so well, and made sure that my trip to Wales was a memorable one! A trip to Abertoir should be on any horror fan's bucket list!!!
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